My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


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Wet compass, probably from 737 200/300 series. This one is in very good shape. Is backlit with 3 Volts. Still full of damping fluid. Asking 100 CAD + shipping for this rare item.

98 Amber 7 segment Displays. 50 CAD + shipping

2 Pokeys USB cards. 75 CAD each + shipping (SOLD)

Open Cockpits Multi Radio. 7 Radios in this unit. It's been around but still works fine. I built a device so that I can use it in my oem pedestal. I have CP flight radios now so no longer need this unit. 75 CAD + shipping.

Complete set of overehad gauge panels . High Quality from Sam at Cockpitsimpart.UK 30 CAD + shipping.(SOLD)

Overhead APU/Power Bus and Pressurization panels. Sam's work from Cockpitsimparts.UK Beautifully done. 30 CAD + shipping(SOLD)

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