My 737NGX800 Homebuilt Cockpit


What this is ....NEWS:..64 Bit Sims Have Arrived ..Will be Moving to P3DV4 Soon......... Safe Flights Captains

I've decided to build mostly with wood and make as many items myself as possible with budget in mind. I've semi-finished my throttle quadrant for the 737NGX800 (non motorized), pictures and documentation are posted on the Throttle Tab. Like most cockpit builders I have many projects on the go and finished but a few so far. The idea is to get a working cockpit and refine the build afterwards. I have a list of supplier Links and websites who I've had success ordering my supplies from and who have been very helpful, so be sure to check out the Links Tab. My son says everyone is going widescreen now, so to follow suit I've widened my webpages accordingly. Hopefully there there will be no major issues. Finally, as the News line states, I will be making the move to P3DV4 sometime in the next six months with WideView in mind. Research to do first.

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